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TRANSFORMATIONAL CALENDAR Definition: A 365 day transformation to elevate your mindset, bust through fears and release extra weight. Example: Think of it as one inspired tip per day, no longer than one sentence to completely change the way you run your life.

My name is J Muenz, Founder of the Break Free Mastermind® and a slew of other programs teaching women how to break free from limitations by activating gifts from within!

But I didn't get my start by creating online programs or high ticket masterminds! I actually started by sharing expert tips on the daily to grow my Instagram following to more than 11,000 followers!

My first 4 clients came from reading tips on my Instagram and all of them lost an average of 18 pounds through my 90 day private coaching program! I was so thrilled I couldn't even contain myself! Talk about a Results Based Coaching Program! But not everyone could invest into my high end coaching programs, so I started sharing a tip a week on social media that my clients said changed everything for them.

And now over the past 7 years I've perfected the top 365 inspired tips for you to devour. I now call them 365 Days of Transformation and that's exactly what you'll receive when you pre - order this...

Now, I want you to take a moment to IMAGINE that from reading just one tip a day for 365 days starts the shift the way you look at your body, the inner thoughts you have about your life and you actually experience shifts because these tips plant like seeds into your subconscious.

You're flipping through the pages on a HIGH......and feeling ready to…… take on the world!

I want that experience for YOU, which is why I created the 365 Day Transformation.


Here's what you're going to receive when you order:

  • Each tip is short and actionable, making it easy to implement every day.
  • Written by an experienced health & transformation coach.
  • Unique mindset tips tested successfully by my Instagram audience that resulted in an average of 18 lbs of weight loss.
  • One-of-a-kind calendar that addresses your life holistically: from weight, to relationships, to career.  

For only $33.97 (tax + U.S. shipping included!)


So, who is J Muenz, creator of the 365 Day Transformation?

J Muenz struggled with her weight for 10 years, even battling an eating disorder and she was fed up with all the extreme dieting and mind numbing thoughts about what she was eating. 

After self exploration and going to Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012, she graduated at the same time as losing 25 pounds - the holistic way - the anti - extremist.

She's the Holistic Health Coach to 100's of women, the Breakthrough Transformation Coach, the Leader of the Break Free Mastermind and the Maven of Mindset in her private coaching program, Fearful to Fit.

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