It’s time to get rid of those extra pounds + work your way to fast results!


We have no extra headspace to figure out what to eat. We want a plan that tells us exactly what to do, so I created that for you.

By the time you've worked 10+ hours at the office or #momlife, you are exhausted and ready for some couch and TV. The last thing you want to do it meal prep.

You're probably making food to feed your children and when it comes time for you to eat, you are done. You decide that you'll pick off their plate, because you don't want a huge meal to further push your weight loss goals to another Monday.

There's no time.

You're making food to just eat, not necessarily to get you closer to your goals, mama's gotta get fed soul food. I feel you girl...

But maybe there’s a wedding around the corner or a class reunion and you want to look killer hot and feel confident. . . You thought you had enough time to lose a few pounds, didn’t you? You thought you had enough time to hit the yoga studio and regain your toned body and the energy to move n' groove for your big event.

But nothing happened and now it's crunch time! Get the exact training plan you need to whip yourself back into shape with the 5-Day Jumpstart Program... 

When you sign up for this FREE program, you get:

  • My 5-Day Jumpstart Guide, loaded with all the guidance and support you need to make it through this program easily and successfully
  • More than 10 delicious, easy to prepare recipes packed with nutrients and the YUM factor...even recipes your kids will love 
  • A detailed shopping list to easily check off saving you tons of time at the store 
  • An easy to follow planned out meal guide, so you don’t have to wonder what to eat to get the results you want  
  • Access to the Sisterhood Group  

This 5-Day JUMPSTART PROGRAM will get you RESULTS:  

I'm ready to jumpstart my weight loss!


  •  The exact steps for detoxing and WHY it's essential
  •  A blueprint guide of the TOP superfoods for fast weight loss
  •  The BEST herbs + spices to make your food taste good AND for burning fat

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I'm a Certified Detox Specialist, Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Fearful to Fit.

I help busy women lose 10-20 pounds, come back to life after experiencing adrenal fatigue and feel confident again! I do it all in 90 days or less, because there's no time to waste. Life is meant to be celebrated and that is exactly what you'll do in my private coaching program. CELEBRATING!

When I'm not strolling around with my sweet baby boy and hunky firefighter husband, I'm coaching women and leading retreats.

Okay, so I might be at barre or watching the latest singing competition or baking the next gluten free, dairy free dessert masterpiece!

Either way, I don't have extra time as a busy mama, wife and biz owner and I need all the energy I can get. I did all the research for you so sit back, relax and download!

Then when you're ready to take your weight loss and mindset goals up a notch, send me an email:

Sisterhood Love,

J Muenz